Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fifth Professional, First Semester, Pharmaceutical Management

PHARMACEUTICS-XX (Pharmaceutical Management and; Marketing-I)

Cr. Hr. 03


a) Nature and Principles of Management.

b) Types and Functions of Managers.

c) Planning: Purpose and types of Planning, Steps in Planning.

d) Organizing.

e) Management Control Systems
Purpose: Steps in the Control Process, Forms of Operations

control. Requirements for adequate control, Critical control points

and standards.

f) Motivation.

g) Innovation and creativity.

h) Communication.


(a) Material Management.

Recommended Books

1. M Ahmad & N I Bukhari, Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing, Tariq Academy, Faisalabad-Pakistan (2002).
2. Patrick Tharp & Pedro J Lecca, Pharmacy Management for students and practitioners, The C V Mosby Company, St. Louis, Toronto, London (1979).
3. Harry A Smith, Principles & Methods of Pharmacy Management, Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, 1986
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