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In vitro and in vivo correlation

The word "correlation" is used for the relationship between two variables. The strength of the relationship (linear) between the variables is given by "r".

(D. Brockmeier et al.)Change in pH, formulation agitation, Motility and Absorption rate constant of gastrointestinal tract are helpful in determining the in vitro in vivo biphasic linear correlation.
(K. Ishii et al.)Novel approaches by the use of Mathematical deconvolution method (Deconvolution is an algorithm based process for the reversal of effects of convolution. It is used for the techniques of signal processing and image processing. It uses fourier transform mathematics to restore a blurred image to an unblurred state as much as possible. It is used in optimization techniques by the researchers.) have been used for the study of in vitro and in vivo correlation studies. It has been found that kappa d shows better correlation between in vitro and in vivo data for ibuprofen capsules as compared to dissolution time at 50 % (t50%).

Reza A. Fassihi et al. found that triple layer model shows good correlation between in vitro and in vivo results.

H. Lennernäs et al. in their studies found that passivley or rapidly transported drugs show comparable permeability co-efficients in vitro (in Caco-2 monolayers) and in vivo (in human jejunum) whereas actively transported drugs show slow carrier mediated transport rates in vitro than in vivo.

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