Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A holiday gift for Google+ users on the ending of year

Google has already introduced the #AutoAwesome feature in its Google+ enabling the users to see the falling snow through a picture showing some ice or such things in it. Now the company has announced one more feature, the “#AutoAwesome year in review.”
In the feature, Google will automatically sort through the photos, select the best content and develop a slideshow composed of photos and videos from the year of the user. User will be “notified whenever an awesome (and private) version is ready to share.”
“Of course: many people have been saving and sharing their photos and videos on Google+ all year long. And for those select users we’ve got one more holiday gift: an #AutoAwesome year in review. You’ll get notified in the next week or so if you have one of these movies waiting for you.”
Previously, Facebook introduced the Year in Review feature enabling users to see the noticeable moments on their Facebook life.

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