Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zynga has rolled out on a new platform

Article first published as Zynga’s New Individual Platform for Social Gaming on Technorati.

Zynga, the leading provider of social games on Facebook, has announced a separate platform for the social gaming.
The new platform is, which according to the company will allow “new ways to play and more people to play with”. The new platform will also allow the third party developers to make the games to be played by the players of Zynga.
“We built to give our players more ways to connect with each other and play great social games whether built by Zynga or other talented developers,” said Mark Pincus, founder and CEO, Zynga. “Together with our platform partners, we look forward to bringing more play to the world on our platform.”
Although, Zynga gets 96% of its revenue from the world No. 1 social networking site through the sale of virtual goods to its customers on games such as CityVille, FarmVille and MafiaWars, but now it has planned to develop a separate identity.
Zynga will allow the players to login through Facebook ID and play games with not only their existing friends but also with other players, i.e. zFriends.
“ was created based on listening to players and understanding what they want and need to make their play time more fun and meaningful,” said Manuel Bronstein, general manager of “We are excited to give players a way to connect with other people who love to play the same games in a destination that is all and only about games. We will continue to listen to player feedback and provide even better ways for them to connect and play together.”

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