Monday, April 25, 2011

Loop Diuretics (Some Questions)

Q:1. Why loop diuretics are often called as high ceiling diuretics?

Ans: They are often called as high ceiling diuretics because they are highly effective in inhibition of coupled transport of Na+/K+/2Cl- through luminal membrane of thick ascending limb of Henle’s loop as ascending limb results in reabsorption of 20-30 percent of NaCl which has already been filtered.

Q:2. Compare loop diuretics and thiazide diuretics.
Differences between loop diuretics and thiazide diuretics:
1. Loop diuretics are more effective than thiazide diuretics.
2. The onset of action and duration of action of loop diuretics is shorter than the thiazide diuretics.
3. Loop diuretics show efficacy even in the presence of electrolyte and acid base disturbance unlike thiazide siuretics.
4. Loop diuretics are not good than thiazide diuretics against uncomplicated mild to moderate hypertension.
5. Loop diuretics increase renal blood flow whereas thiazide diuretics have the ability of lessening renal flow of blood.
6. Loop diuretics tend to increase Ca2+ in urine whereas thiazide diuretics cause a decrease in Ca2+ in urine.

Similarities between loop diuretics and thiazide diuretics:
1. They have almost identical side effects.
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