Sunday, March 20, 2011


It is an anti-Parkinsonian drug.

It acts as Catechol-O-Methyl Transferase (COMT) inhibitor and helping levodopa to reach the brain easily by reducing its biotransformation.
It works effectively if taken alongwith levodopa and carbidopa i.e. combination of levodopa, carbidopa and entacapone (LCE). It has also been found that this combination did not increase motor complications.

It is used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. It has been found that prolonged treatment with entacapone results in enhanced response to levodopa in Patients of Parkinson's disease.

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Rinne, U. K., Larson, J. P. et al. 1998. Entacapone enhances the response to levodopa in parkinsonian patients with motor fluctuations. Neurology, Vol. 51, No. 5. Pages. 1309-1314.
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