Thursday, June 3, 2010

Galenical Preparation and Concoctions

Q: What do you mean by Galenical preparation?
A medicinal preparation containing one or several active plant ingredients and produce so that inert constituents and other undesirable content of the plant remain undissolved.

Q: How the galenical preparations are characterized?
The galenical preparations are characterized by an improved and enhanced release of the active principle and a higher efficiency.

Q: What galenical preparation contains?
The galenical preparation contain various herbal and chemical concoctions with varying degree of dosing strength and dosage form.

Q: What galenical preparation comprise for oral application?
The preparation for oral application comprise a coating resistant to gastric juice and a core comprise of an ergot alkaloid and of a sterile ester.

Q: What is the composition of galenical preparation?
The galenical preparation composed mainly of herbal or vegetable matter.

Q: What do you mean by concoctions?
It means to make something by combining or mixing different ingredients in a new way.

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