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Multiple Choice Question (MCQs) from Efflorescence in Pharmaceutics
1. Loss of water (or a solvent) of crystallization from a hydrated or solvated salt to the atmosphere on exposure to air is called ………… .

(a) Efflorescence   
 (b) Hygroscopy
(c) Deliquescent
(d) Hydration
2. After efflorescence color of NaCl becomes,

(a)  Blue                 
(b) White         
(c) Decolorization
(d) Orange
3. During efflorescence the water of crystallization ………… the substance,

(a)   Enters             
(b)   Leaves        
(c)   None of above
(d)   Both a and b
4. After efflorescence the substance becomes,

(a)    Liquid              
(b)   Gas              
(c)   Solid              
(d)   None of above
5. Increasing the temperature of atmosphere will cause …………. in efflorescence,

(a)  Increase           
(b) Decrease       
(c) No change      
(d) Both a and b
Answers to Multiple Choice Question (MCQs) from Efflorescence in Pharmaceutics
1. Efflorescence,

2. White,

3. Leaves,

4. Solid,

5. Increase
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