Saturday, March 27, 2010

History of Pharmacy

1. Who is known as father of medicine;

a. Aristotle           
 b. Theophrastus    
c.  Hippocrates    
d.  Rhaze               
2. How many periods are of pharmacy;

a. Five    
b. Three    
c. two   
d.  Four                                                          
3. In ancient times, people think that illness is produced by;

a. Holy spirits    
b. Evil spirits    
c. Vampires     
d.   Medicines                
4. Prehistoric pharmacy period started;

a. 40’000 B.C    
 b. 50,000 B.C     
c. 30,000 B.C   
d .  25,000 B.C           
5. First great study of plants in west was accomplished by ;

a. Egyptian   
b. Greeks     
c. Theophrastus    
d. Aristotle                          
Answers to MCQs of History of Pharmacy 
2. d
3. b
4. c
5. c

(This post is helpful for the preparation of Pharmaceutics for beginners)

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