Friday, January 23, 2009


Structure of Tigliane:General Characteristics:
It has almost same system as that of daphnanes i.e. tricyclo tetradecane ring system. It has additional gem-dimethyl cyclopropane appended to the 6-membered ring. (Its most) famous (part) is Phorbol, which was named in about 25 BC by King Juba II of Mauritania. Wender, on one hand, and Cha, on the other hand, has completed its synthesis.

It primarily acts on protein kinase C (PKC, which is important for regulating cellular growth and differentiation).

Isolation of tiglianes:
It has been isolated from Euphorbia and Thymelaceae as esters.

Therapeutic uses:
It was primarily used for tumors, parasites, migraines, venereal diseases and as purgatives.
It has been found that C12 deoxy derivative blocks formation of the tumor.

Adverse effects:
Its most important tumor promoting example is Tetradodecanoyl phorbol acetate.

Further reading:
Naturally Occurring Phorbol Esters by Evans
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