Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aromatic Waters

Q: What are aromatic waters?

Ans: Aromatic waters are saturated solutions (unless otherwise specified) of volatile oils or other aromatic or volatile substances in distilled water. They are usually employed for flavoring. They are clear and free from solid impurities.

Q: Classify aromatic waters?

• Simple aromatic waters

• Concentrated aromatic waters
Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy (Remington the Science and Practice of Pharmacy)

Q: What do you know about concentrated aromatic waters?
Ans: These products are alcoholic, non-aqueous preparations containing 2% of volatile oils. They are forty times stronger than the ordinary aromatic waters. Many volatile oils contain aromatic part and non-aromatic part. The aromatic portion is much more soluble in a weak alcohol than the non-aromatic portion.

Q: What do you know about camphor water?
Ans: They are made by mixing racemic camphor with ethanol and by adding sufficient amount of water.

Q: What are the uses of camphor water?
Ans: Camphor water has been used as the vehicle in ophthalmic solutions owning to its ability to contribute refreshing, stimulating effect to the preparation.

Q: How aromatic waters smell?
Ans: They possess an odor similar to the plant or volatile substance from which they are made. They are free from foreign odor.

Q: How aromatic waters should be stored?
Ans: Aromatic water deteriorates with time and it should be made in small quantities and protected.

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