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Novel and latest types of drugs and drug delivery systems

(WA Check) Newer drug delivery systems are more effective, target specific and more close to nature. Following are some of the novel drug delivery systems:

1. Radiopharmaceuticals

2. Biotechnology products:
a. Gene therapy
b. Hormones
c. Vaccines
d. Interleukins
e. Monoclonal antibodies
f. Peptides
g. Anti-sense drugs
h. Clotting factors
i. Erythropoietins
j. Colony stimulating factors
k. Tissue plasminogen activator
l. Tyrosine kinase inhibitor
m. Prostaglandins

3. Other techniques and products:
a. Nanocrystal particles
b. Nanogels (Jamie L. Gilmore et al.)
c. Block ionomer complexes (Jamie L. Gilmore et al.)
d. Nanotubes (Jamie L. Gilmore et al.)e. Nanofibers (Jamie L. Gilmore et al.)
f. Magnetic systems (WA Check)
g. Microspheres (Kelvin Hong et al.)
h. Temperature sensitive capsules (Sahraoui Chaieb et al.)
i. Dry powder injection (Terry L. Burkoth et al.)

Delivery systems:
1. Topical administration:
a. Iontophoresis
b. Phonophoresis
c. Controlled release microchips (John T. Santini, Jr., et al.)

2. Oral administration:
a. Mucoadhesive system
b. Osmotic pump

3. Vaginal Administration:
a. Intravaginal drug delivery system
b. Intrauterine progesterone drug delivery system
c. Dinoprostone vaginal insert
d. Estradiol vaginal ring
e. Bioadhesive vaginal gel

4.Ophthalmic products:
a. Inserts

5. Parenteral administration:
a. Liposomes
b. Niosomes
c. Long acting parenteral systems

6. Pegylated Dosage forms

7. Fusion protein

8. Implants

9. Autoinjection systems

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