Saturday, December 21, 2013

An initiative of California to make smartphones less attractive for theives

Theft ((Luis Gomez Photos))
Theft ((Luis Gomez Photos))
California is going to introduce first “smartphone killswitch” bill after the lawmakers in San Francisco and New York has asked to install this technology of making the stolen devices useless making it less attractive for thieves.
This plan has been announced by California State Sen. Mark Leno on his website on Thursday. Leno is working with San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón.
Initially this year, Apple Inc. has added an "Activation Lock" anti-theft feature and Gascón said at the "Secure Our Smartphones" kickoff meeting in June that it was only "a step in the right direction."
Smartphone theft is one of the most important problems and nearly half of all robberies in San Francisco involved a mobile device last year, and in Los Angeles cell phone thefts had increased almost 12% this year, according to Leno's announcement.


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