Thursday, July 12, 2012

Japanese scientists have developed robot to practice dentistry

Scientists from Japan have developed a robot, dubbed simroid, to practice dentistry. This robot comes with artificial intelligence and sensors that will cause the robot to behave like a human.

"It was impossible to practise correct bedside manner -- you know, before we encountered patients for real. So we developed this robot not just for technical practice, but so we could also study how we should adjust our behaviour." Akira Hamura, co-developer and professor of general dentistry, Nippon Dental University Hospital, said.

"We wanted to get it as near to a real human being as possible. When it's sitting still, talking to someone or opening it's mouth up wide, what we were after was to be as close as possible as genuine flesh and blood." Yukihiko Isokawa, Morita Manufacturing Group, Research and Development group leader, said.

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