Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stronger adhesion gained through biomimetics

Article first published as Substance From Gecko Feet Holds a Lot of Weight on Technorati.

Researchers from University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed very strong sticky substance that has the ability to hold 318 kg or 700 pounds of a substance on a smooth wall without slipping.
Researchers extensively studied the adhesive forces in the feet of gecko, which is a small tropical lizard with hooked ridges in feet allowing it to climb smooth vertical surfaces. The sticky nature in the feet of gecko is able to hold 4 kg of material on the wall, without slipping, as it has high-capacity, dry and reversible in nature.
They have named “Geckskin” to the adhesive material.
"Our Geckskin device is about 16 inches square, about the size of an index card, and can hold a maximum force of about 700 pounds while adhering to a smooth surface such as glass." said Alfred J. Crosby from Department of Biology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and one of the authors in this study.
Geckskin can be released from the wall or attaching surface with negligible efforts despite of its highly strong sticking ability. After release it can be used many times without any loss of effectiveness. Researchers have reported that it can attach a 42-inch television on the wall, can be released from the wall with little force and can be attached on any other surface without leaving any residue behind.
The researchers have published their findings in the journal of Advanced Materials.
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