Saturday, February 18, 2012

"DNA nanorobots" to treat cancer

Researchers have recently published their findings of successful use of DNA nanobots for the treatment of cancerours cells.

They have published their findings in the journal of Science.

Aptamers have been used to target the particular cells and payloads with drug molecules and antibodies were used to deliver drugs.

From SayPeople,
Scientists have used a method called as “DNA origami” to make the container having DNA chains folded in a prescribed manner. Then they used “aptamers” to lock the barrel shaped robot. Aptamers have the ability to recognize the particular cell types. 
Scientists then used these robots and observed the unlocking of the robot on contact with the cancer cell proteins leading to the release of antibodies that stopped the growth of cells.
According to researchers, these methods could be used for various other diseases where targeting of cells are to be done.

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