Sunday, February 5, 2012

Advanced MIcro Devices' "ambidextrous" strategy

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Chip maker, has announced an "ambidextrous" strategy for not only innovative products but also for novel business options.

“AMD’s strategy capitalizes on the convergence of technologies and devices that will define the next era of the industry,” said Rory Read, president and CEO, AMD. “The trends around consumerization, the Cloud and convergence will only grow stronger in the coming years. AMD has a unique opportunity to take advantage of this key industry inflection point.  We remain focused on continuing the work we began last year to re-position AMD.  Our new strategy will help AMD embrace the shifts occurring in the industry, marrying market needs with innovative technologies and become a consistent growth engine.”

This new strategy would help the company to introduce ultra-thin devices with consideration of cloud based computation and low power consumption.

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