Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second Professional, Second Semester, Microbiology


Cr. Hr. 03

Note:- The topics will be taught with special reference to their Pharmaceutical Applications.

2. INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY: Introduction to Sterilization/Disinfection. Fermentation. Pharmaceutical products produced by fermentation process (Penicillins, Cepalosporins, Gentamycin, Erythromycin, Tetracyclines, Rifamycin, Griseofulvin)

3. IMMUNOLOGY: Introduction, Types of Imunity: Specific and nonspecific (Cellular basis of Immune response. Immunity, autoimmunity, tolerance. Antigen. Antibodies). Antigen-Antibody reactions and their clinical and diagnostic applications. Hypersensitivity and allergy. Drug allergy mechanism. Vaccination: Introduction and aims. Types of Vaccines. Current vaccine practices.

4. FACTORY AND HOSPITAL HYGIENE AND GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE: Introduction, Control of Microbial contamination during manufacture, Mnaufacture of Sterile products, A Guide to Current Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices.

Cr. Hr. 01

NOTE:- Practicals of the subject shall be designed from time to time on the basis of the above mentioned theoretical topics and availability of the facilities, e.g. Sterilization of Glassware and pharmaceutical products by various methods. Microbiological assays of: Antibiotics and vitamins.

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