Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Osmotic Systems

Osmotic systems make use of osmotic pressure for controlled delivery of active ingredients.
This method can be used both for systemic and targeted drug delivery.

Osmotic pressure as a result of imbibitions of the fluid by the osmotic agents directly affects the rate of drug delivery from osmotic systems such as osmotic pumps.

Components of Osmotic Pump:
1. Drug
2. Osmotic agent or osmogent such as magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride or sodium bicarbonate
3. Semipermeable membrane
4. Plasticizers such as polyethylene glycols, triethyl citrate or ethylene glycol monoacetate

Factors affecting Osmotic drug delivery:
1. Size of the opening of delivery point
2. Solubility of the components
3. Intrinsic character of the rate controlling membrane
4. Osmotic pressure of the components

These factors are important to develop an optimized and desired osmotic system.
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