Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fourth Professional, First Semester, Pharmaceutics

PHARMACEUTICS-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-I)

Cr. Hr. 03



3. DRYING: Theories of drying, Drying of Solids, Classification of dryers, General Methods, Fluidized Bed systems, Pneumatic systems, Spray dryer, Freeze dying.

4. MIXING: Fundamentals, Mechanisms, Mixing Equipment used in Liquid/Liquid, Liquid/Solid and solid/solid mixing, Communition (size reduction), Reasons for size reduction, Factors affecting size reduction, size analysis, Sieving, Energy Mills (Ball Mill. Endrumer, Edge Rumer, Disintegrant, Colloid Mill, Hammer Mill, Cutter Mill, and Fluid Energy Mill etc.).

5. CLARIFICATION AND FILTERATION: Theory, Filter media, Filter aids, Filter selection and Equipment (Leaf filter, Filter press, Melta filters and Rotary filters).

6. EVAPORATION: General principles of Evaporation, Evaporators and Evaporation under reduced pressure.

7. COMPRESSION AND COMPACTION: The solid-air Interface, Angle of Repose, Flow rates, Mass volume relationship, Density, Heckel Plots, Consolidation, Granulation, Friability, Compression (dry method, wet method, slugging), Physics of Tabletting, tabletting machines and other equipment required, problems involved in tabletting, tablet coating,

Capsulation (Hard and Soft gelatin capsules).


(a) Mechanical, chemical and fire hazards problems.

(b) Inflammable gases and dusts.
PHARMACEUTICS-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-I)

Cr. Hr. 01

NOTE:- Practicals of the subject shall be designed from time to time on the basis of the above mentioned theoretical topics and availability of the facilities, e.g. Manufacture of Tablets by Wet Granulation Method, by Slugging and by Direct Compression. Coating of Tablets (Sugar Coating, Film coatingand Enteric Coating). Clarification of liquids by various processes. Size Reduction. Homogenization.

Recommended Books

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2. Cooper and Gunn’s, Tutorial Pharmacy, CBS Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi, 1986.
3. Bentley’s Pharmaceutical Text Book, CBS Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi, 1986.
4. Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mack Publishing Company, USA, 2001.
5. John Sharp, Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice, Rational and Compliance.
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