Monday, February 28, 2011

Quest to Lose Weight Fast With HCG Diet, Thinner-U Increases

A huge controversy began earlier this week after the HCG diet was featured on The Doctor Oz Show.

Instead of curbing America’s fascination with the controversial HCG diet, after hearing the benefits and pitfalls discussed by Dr. Oz and his guests, interest in the HCG diet and HCG drops surged. Thousands of people began trying to locate HCG drops for sale, even after Dr. Oz warned them not to.

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My friend was in her mid fifties as she rambled on about cleansing diets and detoxification. Out of respect for the fact she was older than I, my initial ridicule was stuffed back down my throat and I politely listened. She began to talk about these cleansing processes that initially I thought sounded rather barbaric. Milk thistle just sounded like something prickly to drink. But apparently it was part of this cleansing diet she was speaking about, so again, I nodded politely.

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