Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hydryllin syrup

Hydryllin syrup is used for cough. It is a product of Searle Pharmaceuticals.

Its active ingredients are

1. Aminophylline (It is a bronchodilator i.e. eases breathing by opening the air passages to the lungs)
2. Ammonium chloride (It is an expectorant i.e. produces and getting rid of thick mucus in the respiratory passages)
3. Diphenhydramine (An antihistamine to treat allergies)
4. Menthol (Mint tasting compound obtained from peppermint oil)

Cough Expectorant

It is contra-indicated in patients of acute myocardial infarction or peptic ulcers.
It is also contra-indicated in patients who are hypersensitive to its components.

List of Cough Syrups from multi-national companies available in Pakistan:
1. Actifed DM Cough syrup (GSK)
2. Babynol Cough Syrup (Woodwards)
3. Benatuss Syrup (Johnson)
4. Benylin DM Syrup (Johnson)
5. Benylin E Syrup (Johnson)
6. Corex D Cough Syrup (Pfizer)
7. Cosome Cough Syrup (Merck)
8. Cosome E Cough Syrup (Merck)
9. Daycor Syrup (Abbott)
10. Nicor Syrup (Abbott)
11. Phensedyl-P syrup (Sanofi Aventis)
12. Rondec Cough Syrup (Abbott)
13. Rondec-C Cough Syrup (Abbott)
14. Sancos Syrup (Novartis)
15. Triaminic Cough Syrup (Novartis)
16. Tussivil Syrup (Pfizer)

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