Friday, February 25, 2011


Its name came from the town namely “bougie” in Algeria, which was famous for trading in wax. Its original meaning is “A candle made by wax”. These are the types of suppositories intended for insertion into the urethra, nostrils or ears.

It is also a medical instrument in the shape of cylinder, made up of a flexible tube.

Forms of bougie:
Bulbous bougie:
It is a form of bougie with a bulb shaped tip.

Eder-pustow bougie:
It is a form of metal bougie which resembles olive in shape. It may be used in esophageal stricture.

Elastic bougie:
A bougie made of rubber or latex.

Elbowed bougie:
A bougie with a bent near its tip.

It is used for opening of constricted areas in tubular organs such as urethra or esophagus and rectum, so, that medicines for local application or another instruments can easily be inserted in that part.
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