Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paste, Poultice, Plaster and Suppository

Q: What do you mean by paste?
These are preparations having finely dispersed solids in the preparation.

Q: What do you mean by poultice?
These are slightly wet substances for application on the injury. These are composed of hydrophilic substances or basis having the ability of retention of heat containing solid or liquid active substances.

Q: What do you mean by medicated plaster?
These are preparations having one or more active substances. These are made in such a way that they remain in close contact with the skin at body temperature, so that the active substances can be absorbed slowly and easily through the skin or protect the skin from external environment.

Q: What do you mean by suppository?
It represents the small solid which is dissolvable at body temperature. It is usually in the form of cone or cylinder. It is usually inserted into the rectum, vagina (suppositories for vaginal insertion are called as pessaries) or urethra, nostrils or ears (Suppositories for insertion into urethra, ears or nostrils are called as bougies).
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