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Dispensing of different dosage forms

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from Dispensing of different dosage forms
1.Mouth-washes & gargles are ___________ before their administration.

a) Shake   
b) diluted by alcohol    
c) diluted by water     
d) done nothing
2.Enemas are __________ before their administration.

a) Cool      
b) cold     
c) warm     
d) boil
3.Vaccines are placed at temperature between;

a)  0-4 C    
b)  3-10 C      
c)  2-8 C        
d) -4 to 0 0C
4.what precaution is for mouth-washes & gargles;

a) should be swallowed    
b)should not be swallowed      
c)  shake well before use
5.For paints e.g. throat-paint & gum-paint ______________ is used for their application in body.

a) amplifier      
b) applicator    
c) cotton      
d) needle
6.Which point is related to suspensions & emulsions use before administration.

a) heat    
b) cool        
c) shake well     
d) mix with water
7.Which is true for ointments;

a) the can be swallowed   
b) they can be applied on broken skin   
c) they cannot be applied to broken skin  
d) they should be melted before use
8.The container of cream should be closed immediately after use to avoid;

a) microbial contamination    
b) leakaging  
c) for nothing
9.For  parental-solutions e.g. TPN the most important thing is to maintain their.

a) pH   
b) sweetness   
c) color    
d) solubility
10.For themolebile-drugs e.g. methycobalamine which point is correct;
a) place at dark place  
b) protect from moisture   
c) protect from direct light 
d) both a and b
11.Which statement is correct for effervescent granules after mixing them in a glass of water;

a) take them after effervescence finished 
b) take them before effervescence finished     
c) shake them well    
d) heat them before use
12.we should label the only the function of the prescribed-medicines e.g. diazepam, steroids, hormones but not their generic names because of patient safety, it is;

a) true  
b)  false   
c) complicated  
d)  I do not know
13.Tinctures, elixirs, liniments, volatile-oils, spirits  are  placed in a well-tight container because they have;

a) non-volatile content    
b) volatile content      
c) solvent    
d) solution
Answers to Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from Dispensing of different dosage forms 
1. c
2. c
3. c
4. b
5. b
6. c
7. b
8. a
9. a
10. c
11. b
12. a
13. b

(These MCQs are helpful for the preparation of Pharmacy Exams)
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