Thursday, April 1, 2010

English Vocabulary

Bicorn: Having two horns or horn-like parts

Bijou: Something small and exquisite

Blucher: A heavy half boot

Blunge: To mix clay with water

Blurt: To say suddenly without stopping to think

Boggle: To confuse or overwhelm

Boogie: To dance to rock music

Chronometer: Highly accurate kind of clock

Co-axial: Having a common axis

Cognizance: Perception or knowledge

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
1. Bijou

a. To mix clay with water
b. A heavy half boot
c. Perception or knowledge
d. Something small and exquisite
2. Boogie

a. To confuse or overwhelm
b. To say suddenly without stopping to think
c. To dance to rock music
d. Perception or knowledge
3. Blucher

a. A heavy half boot
b. To confuse or overwhelm
c. Having a common axis
d. Perception or knowledge

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