Thursday, March 25, 2010

Group VI

Multiple Choice Question (MCQs) of Group VI
1. Oxygen constitutes ________ of air by weight.

a. 1/3
b. 1/5
c. 1/7
d. 1/9
2. Which of the following is common bleach?

a. Hydrogen peroxide, 3%
b. Hydrogen peroxide, 6%
c. Hydrogen peroxide, 30%
d. Hydrogen peroxide, 70%
3. Which of the following form of sulphur has fungicidal action?

a. Precipitated sulphur
b. Elemental sulphur
c. Sublimed sulphur
d. None of the above
4. Which of the following can be used in dandruff?

a. Selenium sulphide
b. Cadmium sulphide
c. Sodium metabisulfite
d. both a and b
Answers to multiple choice questions (MCQs) of Group VI in Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry

1. b
2. b
3. b
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