Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Group III

Multiple Choice Question (MCQs) of Group III

1. Sodium borate is a frequent ingredient of

a. Cold creams
b. Eye washes
c. Mouthwashes
d. All of the above
2. Third most abundant element is

a. Oxygen
b. Aluminium
c. Silicon
d. Boron
3. Aluminium (III) ion is incapable of independent existence in polar solvents due to

a. high charge
b. small diameter
c. electron pair deficiency
d. all of the above
4. Soluble aluminium salts are used as

a. deodorants
b. antacids
c. adsorbents
d. suspending agent
5. Kaolin is used as

a. adsorbent
b. demulcent
c. suspending agent
d. both a and b
6. Insecticides such as ant poisons are made from the compounds of

a. Thallium
b. Boron
c. Aluminium
d. Yttrium
Answers to multiple choice questions of Group III in Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry

1. d
2. b
3. d
4. a
5. d
6. a
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