Friday, March 26, 2010


1. An emulsion is a system of two ----------------- liquid phases, one of which is dispersed as fine globules throughout the other.

a. miscible     
b.  polar   
c. non-polar     
d.  Immiscible 
2. One of the two phases of emulsion is usually -------------------- in pharmacy.

a. water    
b. Oils    
c. Spirits   
d. Alcohols
3. Best example of w/o emulsion is;

a. Rubber latex   
b.  Egg yolk   
c. vanishing creams     
d. cold creams
4. Best example of o/w emulsions;

a. hydrous  ointment    
b.  Calamine lotion    
c .  Milk     
d.  Cold creams
5. In HLB system, wetting agents range b/w;

a. 10-18     
b.  7-9      
c.   4-6      
d.   1-3                                                       
Answers to MCQs of Emulsions
1. d
2. a
3. d
4. c
5. b

(These MCQs are helpful for students of pharmacy) 

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