Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mass analyzer

Mass analyzer is a technique used for the separation of the ions according to mass/charge ratio.

Equation for the Mass analyzer:

1. Lorentz force law:

F = force applied to the ion
Q = ion charge
E = electric field
v*B = the vector cross product of the ion velocity and the magnetic field

2. Newton's second law of motion:

F = force applied to the ion
m = mass of the ion
a = acceleration

By combining the above two equations, we get:

Q(E+v*B) = ma

=> E+v*B = a(m/Q)

where m/Q denotes mass to charge ratio.

Types of mass analyzers:

There are various types of mass analyzers:

1. Scanning Mass Analyzers

2. TOF - Mass Analyzers

3. Trapped Ion Mass Analyzers
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