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Classification of sulfonamides

Detailed classification of Sulfonamides
List of Antibiotic Sulfonamides on the basis of concentration-time data:

1. Short Acting Sulfonamide:
a. Sulfadiazine
b. Sulfadimidine
c. Sulfamethizole
d. Sulfamethoxazole
e. Sulfisoxazole
f. Sulfisomidine or sulfaisodimidine
g. Sulfathiazole (Veterinary Product)
h. Trisulfapyrimidine (Veterinary Product)

2. Intermediate Acting Sulfonamide:
a. Sulacetamide
b. Sulfadoxine
c. Sulfamimethoxine (Veterinary Product)
d. Sulfamethoxazole (Veterinary Product)
e. Sulfamethazine (Veterinary Product)
f. Sulfadiazine (Veterinary Product)

3. Long Acting Sulfonamide:
a. Sulfadoxine
b. Sulfamethoxy-pyridazine
c. Sulfametopyrazine
d. Sulfaphenazole
e. Sulfadimethoxine (Veterinary Product)

List of Diuretic Sulfonamides:
a. Acetazolamide
b. Benzolamide
c. Bumetanide
d. Ethoxzolamide
e. Methazolamide
f. Dichlorophenamide or Diclophenamide
g. Chlorthalidone
h. Clopamide
i. Dorzolamide
j. Furosemide
k. Hydrochlorothiazide
l. Indapamide
m. Mefruside
n. Metolazone
o. Xipamide

List of Sulfonamides for local application:
a. Mafenide
b. Silver sulfadiazine
c. Sulacetamide
d. Sulfapyridine

List of Sulfonamides for GIT disturbance:
a. Phthalyl sulfathiazole
b. Sulfasalazine

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