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Mobile Devices

Cell phones are the most attractive technological products of this world. Infact in this fastly changing world of technology, cell phones are taking the positions of computers speedily.

(Mitchell Brown) Computer technology expanding into everyday life has ensured that gadgets play a significant role in our daily routines. We use them at work, home, and during leisure time. The gadgets range from smartphones, keyboards, headphones, media storage devices, and more. The range of materials, functionality, and application increases every quarter and changes can be seen in many different products.

Psychological Aspects:
(D. Avrahami et al.) A problem with the location-free nature of cell phones is that callers have difficulty predicting receivers' states, leading to inappropriate calls. One promising solution involves helping callers decide when to interrupt by providing them contextual information about receivers. Callers provided with contextual information made significantly more accurate decisions than those without it.

Medical Aspects:
(F. Deepinder et al.) There has been a tremendous increase in the use of mobile phones in the past decade and concerns are growing about the possible hazardous effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic waves (EMW) emitted by these devices on human health. A recent study found that use of cell phones adversely affects the quality of semen by decreasing the sperm counts, motility, viability and morphology.

(F-L Tan et al.) Nowadays scientists are working on the Remote access of electronic resources for thermal plant using mobile devices.

In this case, the user enters the input through a Java MIDlet running on the mobile device. The inputs are then transferred to a Java Servlet running on a server to access the electronic resources. A case study on the computation of thermodynamic properties for steam and refrigerant on the server is demonstrated. The computed properties are transmitted back to the mobile device for display.

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