Thursday, December 19, 2013

Samsung and LG are going to present dinosaurs of TV

Samsung’s 105-inch ultra-HD TV
Samsung’s 105-inch ultra-HD TV (Credit: 
Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. are going to present 105-inch curved Ultra HDTVs to the consumer market next year. Both of the TVs will come with ultra-high definition liquid-crystal displays (LCD). Although, organic-light-emitting-diode screens gave more vivid colors and an extremely thin body but due to its expensive nature, at this time, companies have utilized LCDs. LG has also announced a 77-inch curved TV.
Both of the South Korean tech giants will unveil the televisions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, i.e. January 5. However, the companies have not revealed the time, when the TVs will be available in the market.
Samsung said that the curved TV will give an IMAX-like cinema experience to the users. On the other hand, LG said that the TV will give even the “minutest detail in breathtaking clarity.” Both of the LCD displays has 11 million pixels, compared to 2 million in current HDTVs. The rectangular 21:9 aspect ratio, a shape similar to that of CinemaScope theater screens, is wider than current 16:9 widescreen HDTVs.
LG Electronics' 21:9 aspect ratio Curved Ultra HD TV 105-inch display. (Photo: LG Electronics)
LG Electronics' 21:9 aspect ratio Curved Ultra HD TV 105-inch display.(Credit: LG Electronics)
LG's new TV "makes a dramatic statement about what the possibilities are for home entertainment," says Tim Alessi, LG Electronics USA's director of new product development. "Its ... picture resolution and sheer size will deliver a truly cinematic experience."
“For TVs that are over 70 inches in screen size, curves are believed to offer a more absorbing view than flat screens,” said Jerry Kang, a display analyst with IHS Korea.


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