Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Interview with Mr. Pharmaceutics

Jeepakistan Team (J. T.): Tell something shortly about yourself.

Mr. Pharmaceutics (P): I am an art from patient’s and customer’s point of view and science from doctor and scientist’s point of view.

J. T.: Your family members!

P: I’ve many brothers, children and grand children. My powerful brothers are biotechnology, medicine, chemistry and botany. My most favourite children are Hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, forensic pharmacy and retail pharmacy. My grand children are computer education, biostatistics, quality control and many others.

J. T.: Some thing about your life!

P: Peoples love me. In most cases you’ll find me present everywhere from urban to rural areas, from jungles to desert, from air to water and from east to west. Even I love peoples very much. That’s why, I try to give them not only healthy life but also good employment opportunities.

J. T.: The hidden reality you want to tell peoples!

P: The best cure for every pain are not NSAIDs nor any other type of painkillers. But many types of pain can only be cured by the world’s best medicine, that’s love.

J. T.: I can’t understand, what you have said!

P: For example, in very old age the pain felt in the body is due to loneliness, if the children don’t leave their parents alone then the severity of the pain will be reduced.Even that pain will not be felt in many cases if the children give their parents much happiness.

J. T.: Your interview will be published. Do you want to give your readers some message?

P: I can’t do anything for disable peoples, genetically ill peoples and many peoples, who are in very poor or far off areas. Please, for the sake of God, help those peoples as much as you can.

J. T.: Thank you.
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