Thursday, April 1, 2010

English Vocabulary

Bathos: Sentimentality

Beadle: A messenger of a law court

Beaumonde: Fashionable Society

Begrudge: To give with ill will or reluctance

Belligrant: Of war

Benevolent: Inclined to do good

Besmirch: To make dirty

Betake: To go, To direct

Betroth: To promise to marry

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
1. Bathos

a. Fashionable society
b. Deceive
c. Sentimentality
d. To go
2. Beaumonde

a. Deceive
b. Of war
c. To promise to marry
d. Fashionable society
3. Besmirch

a. To make dirty
b. Inclined to do good
c. To promise to marry
d. To go, to direct

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