Thursday, April 29, 2010


 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from Calcination in Pharmaceutics
1 .Calcination is used for………

a. Organic
b. Radio-active
c. In-organic
d. None of above
2. Calcination takes place at a temperature sufficiently high without………

a. Fusion
b. Fission
c. Boiling
d. None of these
3. Another name of Calcii Hydroxidum is……

a. Calcium sulphate
b. Calcium oxalate
c. Calcium hydroxide
d. Calcium carbonate
4. Calcination is used in…….process:-

a. Quantitative
b. Qualitative
c. Volumetric
d. Gravimetric
Answers to  Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from Calcination in Pharmaceutics

1. Answer is “c” that is “In-organic”
2. Answer is “a” that is “Fusion”
3. Answer is “c” that is “Calcium hydroxide”
4. Answer is “d” that is “Gravimetric”

(These MCQs are helpful for the preparation of Pharmacy Exams)
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