Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Types of solutions used in Pharmacy

Types of Solutions used in Dispensing Pharmacy:

1. Taken Orally:

a. Mixtures
b. Elixirs
c. Linctuses
d. Draughts
e. Syrups
f. Pediatric drops

2. Used in the mouth and throat:

a. Mouthwashes
b. Gargles
c. Throat paints
d. Throat sprays

3. Instilled into Body cavities:

a. Douches
b. Enemas
c. Ear drops
d. Nasal Drops
e. Nasal Sprays

4. Applied to Body surfaces:

a. Collodions
b. Liniments
c. Lotions
d. Paints

Types of Solutions used in Physical Pharmacy:

1. Unsaturated Solutions
2. Saturated Solutions
3. Supersaturated solutions

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