Saturday, December 21, 2013

Improve Apple devices’ battery life by using “first party Apple programs”

MacBook Air (Credit: Mark/Flickr)
MacBook Air (Credit: Mark/Flickr)
If you want to improve your battery life use Safari browser instead of Google Chrome on MacBooks as posted by a redditor ben174.
“Just realized how fast Chrome was KILLING my battery. Looked at activity monitor and it's energy consumption is easily 20 times any other applications I use. I normally use Chrome when I'm plugged in, but when I'm strapped for power, I'm going to resort to Safari.”
“Firefox may be better with battery and Vimperator is supposedly better than Vimium,” as posted by Dan_The_MAN_1.
“Stick with first party Apple programs in general if you care about battery life. They know their own APIs and hardware specs better than anyone else,” panhumanist posted.
If you are considering about using Chrome on iOS devices, they would be slightly affected as posted by Coldmode, another redditor. However, Chrome doesn’t work as smoothly on iOS devices.
“On iOS, unfortunately, chrome is gimped just because it lacks access to apples proprietary rendering engine,” pandapanda730 posted. On the other hand, Baryn posted,
“That isn't true. Actually, the opposite is true - Chrome ONLY has access to Apple's rendering engine, and can't use its own. Also contrary, Chrome is an upgrade in some respects, as it uses its own network stack, which supports SPDY.”
vaskemaskine posted,

“You're both partially right. Chrome on iOS is forced to use Apple's rendering engine via webviews, however it's not allowed to use the V8 part that greatly accelerates JS performance, among other things.”
What is your opinion about all these things?
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