Monday, February 13, 2012

Dot Hill has announced better performance of virtual server systems through VMware vStorage APIs

Dot Hill Systems Corp, a leader in providing SAN storage solutions, has announced on Monday, February 13, the inclusion of VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) support and Site Recovery Manager (SRM) support in the latest version of firmware for AssuredSAN 3000 storage systems.

SRM is utilized for more protection of data and enhanced recovery of data in the disaster situations. Moreover, SRM integration with array-based replication helps in maintaining the replicas of virtual machines on multiple sites.

"While users appreciate that they can free up server and IO resources to support virtualized production workloads by moving IO-intensive processes from their ESX hosts to their storage arrays, the actual level of benefit they'll realize from VAAI will to a large degree depend on the underlying storage. Flexible, scalable, high performance storage systems with VAAI integration will logically allow customers to gain more efficiencies, increase consolidation, and therefore reap greater returns on their VMware investments," states Mark Peters, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

The new firmware will be available within one month.

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