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Third Professional, First Semester,Pharmacology

 PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS (Systemic Pharmacology)

Cr. Hr. 03


(a) CNS – Depressants: Hypnotic & Sedatives and Analgesics (Narcotic Analgesics and opioid antagonists, Analgesic, Antipyretic and Anti-inflammatory drugs [NSAID] including

Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs and Drug treatment of Gout)

(b) CNS – Stimulants: Cerebral Stimulants, Medullary stimulants, Spinal Cord Stimulants, Antidepressants, Psychotomimetic or Hallucinogenics, Psychotherapeutic Agents (Anxiolytics and Antipsychotics), Drug treatment of Epilepsy and Drug treatment of Parkinsonism and other movement disorders.


(a) Anaesthesia and its clinical importance.

(b) General Anaesthesia, Mechanism of action and its application.

(c) General Anaesthetics.

(d) Local Anaesthetics.

(e) Spinal Anaesthesia and drug used.

(f) Techniques of Local Anaesthesia.


1. Only an introduction will be given of the banned and obsolete drug products.

2. While dealing with Pharmacology stress should be laid to the group actions of related drugs and only important differences should be discussed of the individual drugs placed in same group.

3. Newly introducted drugs should be included in the syllabus while drugs with no clinical and therapeutic values ought to be excluded from syllabus at any time.

4. The prototype drugs in each group from the latest edition of the recommended books.


Cr. Hr. 01

NOTE:- Practicals of the subject shall be designed from time to time on the basis of the above mentioned theoretical topics and availability of the facilities, e.g. To study the convulsant effects of strychnine and picrotoxin in frogs and to determine the site of action. To identify the unknown (convulsant) drug and determine its site of action. To study the effects of Adrenaline on Human Eyes. To study the effects of Pilocarpine on Human Eyes. To study the effect of Homatropine on Human Eyes. To identify and observe the effects of unknown drugs on Human Eyes. To study the effects of local anaesthetic drugs on human and the nerve plexus of frog.

Recommended Books

1. Goodman Gillman, Pharmacological basis of therapeutics.
2. Winguard and Brody, Human Pharmacology, Mosby Year Book, Boston, 1991.
3. James M Ritter and Lionel De Levis, A Text book of Clinical Pharmacology, Oxford University Press, New York, 1995.
4. R S Satorkar and S D Bhandarkar, Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics,
5. J D Tripathy, Essential of Medical Pharmacology, Japees Brother, New Delhi,
6. D R Laurance, Clinical Pharmacology, ELBS, London, 6th Ed., 1987.
7. Katzung, B G, Basic and Clinical Pharmacology,
8. Lipponcott, Pharmacology, Lippincot William & Willkin, USA, 2001.
9. Manuchair Edabi, Pharmacology, Little Brown & Company, London, 1993.
10. Prof Dr A Qayum, Fundamentals of Experimental Pharmacology.
11. Bertram G K, Basic and Clinical Pharmacology
12. William F Ganong, W F, Review of Medical physiology
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