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Second Professional, First semester, Pharmacognosy

Cr. Hr. 03

1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION: Historical Development and Scope of Pharmacognosy. Traditional system of Medicine/medicinal plants. Evolution of Modern system of Medicine (History of Modern System of Medicine). Classification of Crude Drugs with Special Emphasis to Chemical and Therapeutical System of Classification. Terminology Used in Pharmacognosy. Preparation of Crude Drugs for Commercial Market, Methods of Cultivation, Drying, Storage. Preservation, Packing, Deterioration and Adulteration of Crude

Drugs. Evaluation of Crude Drugs I E. Organoleptic, Microscopic, Physical, Chemical and Biological.


Families Crude Drugs

a. Ranunculanceae Aconitum, Larkspur, Pulsatilla, Hydrastis.

b. Papaveraaceae Papaver Somniferum, Sanguinaria, Canadensis.

c. Leguminosae Acacia, Glycyrrhiza, Senna, Cassia, Tamarind.

d. Umbelliferae Fennel, Carum, Coriander, Conium, Asafoetida.

e. Apocynaceae Rauwolfia, Catharanthus.

f. Solanaceae Belladonna, Hycscyamus, Stramonium Capsicum.

g. Scrophulariaceae Digitalis, Verbascum (Mullien).

h. Labiatae Peppermint, Thyme, Spearmint, Salvia, Ocimum.

i. Liliaceae Garlic, Colchicum, Aloe.

j. Zingiberaceae Ginger, Curcuma.

3. GROWTH REGULATORS: General account with special reference to Auxins, Gibberellins Abscisic acid, Cytokinins and Ethylene.


Cr. Hr. 01

NOTE:- Practicals of the subject shall be designed from time to time on the basis of the above mentioned theoretical topics and availability of the facilities, e.g. Introduction of the entire and broken parts of the plant drugs (Macro and organoleptic characters).

(Note: A minimum of 10 practicals will be conducted)

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