Monday, March 7, 2011

Science Research ideas

In Eukaryotic cells, DNA synthesis starts at different places of chromosomes. Scientists have still to find the relationship between sites of initiation of replication and replication licensing factor i.e. protein or proteins allowing the replication origin to start DNA replication at that site. It was clear that replication licensing are not specific for particular replication origins.

Work on the genetic origin in higher eukaryotes is still in progress. Infact it is to be found that whether genetic origins of DNA replication exist in higher eukaryotes or not. Different opinions are found in the scientific literature on the specific sequences for origins on studying the DNA replication of metazoan.

Functional origins of replication are shown to be present in higher eukaryotes but the properties are still to be found.

It is still unclear that how the replication process takes place in replication systems which are cell free such as SV40 virus in-vitro replication system. Some work has been done.

It has been suggested to work on the nuclear structure participation in the regulation of the DNA replication as this can be a shining topic in the near future.

Rui, W. J. (1999). Regulation of eukaryotic DNA replication and nuclear structure. Cell Research , 163-170.

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