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Classification of cephalosporins

These are chemically and in their mode of action similar to penicillin.

These are classified according to the generations:

First generation cephalosporins:
a. Cefacetrile,
b. Cefadroxil (R. E. Buck et al.) (Oral),
c. Cefalexin, (Oral)
d. Cefaloglycin,
e. Cefalonium,
f. Cefaloridine, (Parenteral)
g. Cefalothin, (Parenteral)
h. Cefapirin, (Parenteral)
i. Cefatrizine,
j. Cefazedone,
k. Cefazaflur,
l. Cefazolin, (Parenteral)
m. Cefradine, (Oral)
n. Cefroxadine,
o. Ceftezole

Second generation cephalosporins:
a. Cefaclor, (Oral)
b. Cefamandole, (Parenteral)
c. Cefmetazole, (Parenteral)
d. Cefminox,
e. Cefonicid, (Parenteral)
f. Ceforanide, (Parenteral)
g. Cefoxitin, (Parenteral)
h. Cefotiam,
i. Cefotetan, (Parenteral)
j. Cefprozil, (Parenteral)
k. Cefbuperazone,
l. Cefuroxime, (Parenteral)
m. Cefuzonam,
n. Loracarbef (Parenteral)

Third generation cephalosporins:
a. Cefcapene,
b. Cefdaloxime,
c. Cefdinir,
d. Cefditoren,
e. Cefetamet,
f. Cefixime, (Parenteral)
g. Cefmenoxime,
h. Cefodizime,
i. Cefoperazone, (Parenteral)
j. Cefotaxime, (Parenteral)
k. Cefpimizole,
l. Cefpiramide,
m. Cefpodoxime,
n. Cefsulodin,
o. Ceftazidime, (Parenteral)
p. Cefteram,
q. Ceftibuten,
r. Ceftiolene,
s. Ceftizoxime, (Parenteral)
t. Ceftriaxone, (Parenteral)
u. Flomoxef,
v. Latamoxef,
w. Moxalactam (Parenteral)

Fourth generation cephalosporins:
a. Cefepime,
b. Cefozopran,
c. Cefpirome,
d. Cefquinome

Fifth generation cephalosporins:
a. Ceftobiprole (Tatiana Bogdanovich et al.) (Andreas F. Widmer)
b. Ceftaroline (S Crofskey)

Andreas F. Widmer, Division of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. http://www.sld.cu/galerias/pdf/sitios/apua-cuba/v4-ceftobiprole._a_new_option_for_treatment_of_skin_and_soft-tissue_infections.pdf

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